Cleaning Notes

Kitchen Drain – Keep the strainer in the right drain to filter out food. Clean it occasionally in dishwasher or by hand. Otherwise it can start to smell bad over time.

Toilet Brushes – Keep in kitchen cabinets or cleaning closets

Laundry Bags – Keep in cleaning closet so they are hidden.

Kitchen Counter Panels – Wipe down side panels by bar counter. These tend to get dusy and dirty when people eat at the bar.

Rugs –  Clean replacement rugs for entrance area are under the downstairs king bed


Staging Notes

Air Purifier – Leave air purifier on “Auto – 1”

TV Remotes – Only 1 TV remote should be out with each TV. It’s the Vizio remote. The Blu-Ray remotes can be put on the Blu-Ray players inside the cabinet

Fans – Fans are labeled for where they go. Two black fans go in upstairs bedroom closets. White tower fan goes next to TV and plant in downstairs bedroom. One small fan goes in main level master closet

Thermostat Settings – In winter, you can use the controller in garage to quickly set all thermostats (see video here). In summer, I’ll set the controller to vacancy mode and heat should not go on.

Kleenex – One box of tissue in each bathroom


Staging Pictures

Keep strainer in sink, take apart strainer and clean occasoinally

Kitch cabinet with glass door

Books in master BR night stand by door

Tower fan in downstairs bedroom

Downstairs window well window needs to be pushed all the way closed