House Guide

We put together the guide below to explain certain items in the house. If you have other questions, feel free to contact us using the info at the bottom of the page. Check out our Airbnb Guidebook and our blog for some different recommendations on hiking, restaurants, etc.

If you’re feeling social, tag us on Instagram at #EmeraldSteamboat so we can see what you’re up to in Steamboat!

Smart Access

Garage Access

The garage door can be accessed with your smart phone with the MyQ app. You can download it on Google Play or the App Store. Once you download the app, we will be sharing access through your email address so you can use the app to open the garage door during your stay.

Front Door Access

The front door is also controlled with a smart app. You can download the Kevo app through Google Play or the App Store and I’ll share access with you through the app.

Not everyone will need front door access. You may choose to just use the front door with the manual lock on the inside. I suggest getting the garage door access first and then deciding if you need the front door lock when you arrive.

When locking the door from the outside with the Kevo app, you’ll likely need to pull the door tightly shut similar to how you would if you were locking it manually with a key.


You are welcome to park cars in the driveway and garage. The garage and driveway can both fit 1 large truck or 2 small cars. So you can fit 2-4 vehicles.

The guest parking spots are for 24-hour parking only so they cannot be used for multiple days. Appropriate use of the guest spots would be for parking several hours during the day OR occasionally for a single overnight.

Trailers and RVs are not allowed to be parked in the driveway or guest spots but can be parked in the garage if they fit.

Air Conditioning

Our house does not have air conditioning which is common in Steamboat. Even in the heat of summer, the average temperatures drop down to 50 degrees at night. It’s important to manage the sun exposure in the afternoon to keep the house cool. See the section below on “Managing Temperature & Comfort”.

Coffee Maker

You can find coffee filters and the manual for the Ninja coffee maker in a kitchen cabinet but you can also find the manual online here.

The quick directions are – add water to the desired cup level in the water container and the same number of scoops of ground coffee to the coffee filter.

It’s important to note that you’ll probably want to double the cups for the number of people or cups you’re serving. For example, for 4 people you’d probably want to fill water to the 8 mark and add 8 scoops of ground coffee.

We clean the coffee maker regularly but if you’d like to clean it, add water to the 4 cup mark and press the Clean button.

For good local ground coffee, our favorites are Big Iron Coffee located downtown on 7th street (free cup when you buy beans) and Steamboat Coffee Roasters which can usually be found at the Wild Plum Grocery Store.


There are 3 TVs in the house and all are the same brand (VIZIO) and controlled by one remote for each TV. We’ve tried to make them very simple to use.

Turn on the TV with the power button on the remote and it should go right to the Smartcast menu. You can then use the arrows on the remote to navigate to Youtube TV and press OK. Youtube TV will then load and you can use it to watch all TV channels.

If the TV does not load the Smartcast menu, you can press the V (VIZIO logo button) or Home button in the center of the remote or press INPUT to change to Smartcast. At times, if the menu freezes, you can unplug the TV and plug it back in and that seems to fix the issue.

If you’d like to record something on live TV to watch later, you can “Add to Library” in Youtube TV and it will be saved so you can watch it later.


WiFi details are posted in the house on the bulletin board near the kitchen and in the leather binder. Contact us if you experience any issues with the internet.


You can use the Amazon Echo Dot to play music. Just say:

Alexa, play Rocky Mountain High in the Living Room“.

Make sure to say “in the living room” so that the music is played on living room speakers!

If your device is connected to the house Wi-Fi, you may be able to stream music from your device to the Living Room speakers.

When playing music, please be considerate of neighbors in our quiet neighborhood! If you’re using a bluetooth speaker, please don’t place it near walls shared with the neighbor. Thanks for your consideration!


Our trash and recycling day is on Wednesday so if you are staying over a Wednesday or checking out on a Wednesday, we appreciate you rolling the bins out to the street so they will be emptied. The trucks often come before 9am.

Managing Temperature & Comfort

Thermostats & Zones

There are 12 heating zones listed below with thermostats that can be controlled automatically by the wall thermostats. They automatically go down a few degrees during night time hours.

  1. Upstairs bunk bedroom
  2. Upstairs queen bedroom
  3. Upstairs loft and bathroom
  4. Main level master bedroom
  5. Main level master bathroom
  6. Living area (all wood floors), thermostat near fridge
  7. Garage
  8. Lower level (hall & master suite), thermostat in hallway


Upstairs Cooling

If you’re staying at our home in the warm summer months, it’s important to manage the sun so the upstairs doesn’t get too warm.

  • Keep the shades down as much as possible during the mid-day when the sun is still on the back of the house.
  • Use the sunshade in the front of the house. If you don’t, the living area heats up and the heat will rise to the upstairs.
  • Once the sun is not on the back of the house and the temperature has dropped in the evening, open the windows upstairs for air flow.
  • You can use the fans provided in each room to help cool down the rooms. Sometimes it works better to point the fans towards the window to provide more air flow from downstairs to upstairs. It depends on which way the winds are blowing!


Downstairs Bedroom Comfort

The downstairs master bedroom can get warm when the heat is on since the thermostat is outside the room. Here are some tips to keep the downstairs from getting too warm:

  • Turn down the thermostat at night
  • Keep the door open
  • Use the fan in the room
  • Open the window a small amount
  • Turn the ceiling fan on in the bathroom to help with air circulation

The fireplace is voice-controlled by Amazon Echo Dot. Just say “Alexa, turn on the fireplace” and “Alexa, turn off the fireplace” to turn it off.

If the Echo Dot is not working for some reason, you can turn the fireplace on/off with the switch under the fireplace (see below).

Sunshade on Deck

The sunshade on the deck helps a LOT to cool down the house in the afternoon in the summer months. The control for the sunshade is located on the inside of house on a wall switch.

Press PATIO and then the down arrow to lower the shade. Press PATIO and then the up arrow to raise it.

The sunshade should ALWAYS be anchored to the railing when it is lowered. Otherwise, it could blow in the wind and get damaged.

Please do not raise or lower the sunshade when it is windy. If it is already lowered, you can keep it down until the wind calms down.

Gas Grill

There are grilling tools in the lower kitchen cabinet to the right of the dishwasher.

The gas grill on the deck runs off a direct gas line. Before lighting the grill, turn on the gas with the red lever near the ground on the house side of the deck. Make sure to turn off the gas when you’re done grilling!


Our Samsung Flex Wash Side-by-Side Washer and Dryer are pretty intuitive to use, but we do have some quick tips for you.


Front Load Washer:

This is for larger loads. Be sure to use the appropriate amount of provided detergent for high efficiency models (usually much less detergent is required). After lifting the marked flap on the front left, the detergent can be poured into the designated container. When they cycle completes, leave the wash door open after use so the barrel can dry completely which helps avoid mold build up. We do clean these units regularly but we appreciate your effort in assisting us.


Upper Washer:

My favorite part of this washer is being able to run a small load in the Upper Washer. This has fewer programmed cycle options than the lower washer and is not high efficiency. There is an unusual way to utilize detergent for the Upper Washer. After loading the clothes in, find the “AquaPebble,” which is a small triangular receptacle for liquid detergent. Fill with liquid detergent and place on the bottom of the washer without spilling it. Then close both doors to start the cycle. Leave the doors open once finished to allow for proper drying.



Dryer sheets are available on the shelf. Please clear the lint out after every cycle for safety. The Upper Dryer is not that useful unless you need to air dry something extremely delicate, like a sweater. Otherwise, utilize the drying rack to air dry items.

Baby Gate

There is one baby gate stored under the bed of the master bedroom on the main floor. This gate fits the stair opening by the kithchen and the stair opening by the loft upstairs.

To install it, simply slide in the 2 bar extensions on each side of the gate and the 4 bolt extenders as shown in the picture below.

You can then set the gate in place and extend the bolts until they tighten against the wall. Extend until the red line on the top of the gate turns green to ensure the pressure is adequate.

Other Kid Stuff

We have various kids items in the house

  • 1 Pack N Play under downstairs master bed
  • Chicco hook-on chair and booster seat in main level master closet
  • Kids plates, bowls, utensils, bibs, cups in kitchen cabinet
  • Small collection of kids toys and books
  • Stair gate under main level master bed (see info in previous section)
  • Umbrella stroller in garage

Bathroom Fans

The bathroom fans in the main level master bath and the upstairs bathroom run continuously in order to recycle the air in the house. They cannot be turned off completely with the wall switch. The wall switch simply increases the fan to a higher speed.


Auto Nightlights

There are auto night lights on the walls upstairs and on the stairs. These are motion-sensing and meant to light up at night. If they are not working, you can change the switch to auto. If it still does not work, batteries need to be replaced. You can contact us or replace with batteries in the garage.


Air Purifier

The white Coway device in the living room is an air purifier that turns on and off automatically on sensor. If it’s too loud, you can simply turn it off.

Checkout Procedure

Here’s a list of tasks we ask you to help with on your day of departure:

Dishwasher – Please load and start the dishwasher.

Trash – Bring trash from kitchen down to trash and recycling bins in the garage. 

Beds – Please do not make the beds you use so we know which beds have NOT been used.

Towels – Leave used towels on the bathroom floor.

Double-Check – Lights off, windows closed, stove/oven off

Make sure the front door is locked and garage closed when you leave!

Contact Info

Ryan & Kathi

Text or Call – 970-507-8884

Joe & Meagan @ Circle4R Management

Joe: 970-846-1622
Meagan: 970-846-1494
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